Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Project Runblog

As noted way back, the existence of this blog is due in large part to a course I teach on opinion writing that this year has gone to include blogging. We have now reached that part of the course, so in the next few days, you will find links to sites established by 16 new members of the blogosphere. Their first assignment was a 300-word piece on any topic, the point being to keep things as short as possible. (Usual length is 600-800 words.) What we have learned thus far: Links are incredibly useful tools, especially when going short, and precision and correctness are even more important in online writing than they are in writing for the press. (I know, "perfect" is the enemy of "done," but "sloppy" is also the enemy of "being taken seriously.") I invite you to check out their work as we all proceed here.  

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