Saturday, November 21, 2009

Project blogway: fin

And so it ends, not with a bang, but with an endless parade of black clothes in Bryant Park.

I think back to the glory days: Chloe and Daniel V. and Santino; Christian and Jillian and Remi and Chris March. And then, in the wink of Heidi's eye...we're left with this. As the functional member of the household put it: "You don't even want to watch it again. And who would have imagined that?"

Had I had enough orange skin to vote (and what was that facial hair Michael Kors sprouted?), I would have gone with CarolHannahMontanaBanana, simply because she used (shhh!) color! Her thirteenth look was easily the best dress of the evening, and the purples looked good on the Sylvania here. But apparently, consistency triumphs over creativity in the end: MeanaIrina's looks clearly fit together as a collection better than the other two. But who wants fashion that not only looks like but was explicitly designed to be something to be worn on The Road? As for Althea: Meh.

My hope here is that Lifetime and Bunim/Murray caught enough flak from the fans that they can fix the problems. Then again, given the "best collections ever" and "strong designers!" comments prominently featured this week, I may be dealing with the proverbial dream deferred. In any case, it was fun to see Tim Gunn fluskatrated for the first time maybe ever: Now he knows how we feel.


  1. I could not agree with you more. I too would have chosen CarolHannahBananaYourMom. In addition, after recently being sucked into watching reruns of the season involving Jillian, Christian, Romi, etc., I would also agree that the designers this season were completely lacking on "fierce-ness."

    Despite this, I will still be watching come January. It's a valuable time where I get the TV to myself, and get to change it from ESPN ;-)

  2. Well said. At the conclusion, my sister and I just texted "Lame" and turned off our TVs, wishing as ever for the good ol' days of Bravo. But you're right, FlusterGunn was probably the highlight!