Saturday, October 24, 2009

Project blogway, part fyra

Random notes:

It's becoming increasingly clear that the aufing of Ra'mon and his curious apostrophe a month ago was a terrible mistake. His work was by far the most interesting of anyone this season, and he was a good presence in the workroom. Now we're left with mediocre work at best -- it's hard to imagine anyone left making the final four of any previous season -- and personalities better suited for Project NPRunway. One wouldn't have imagined Bunim/Murray being conservative in casting, but the Lifetime PR has noticeably cut back on the drama and its queens, not to anyone's benefit.

Farewell at last to Nicholas, living proof that our emphasis on self-esteem in childhood leads to a sorry grasp on reality as an adult. One of my colleagues dislikes him less for that than for what she calls his "pumpkin head," a cranium so round it could have been the model for Charlie Brown. She's right, too.

And speaking of orange heads, how good it is to have Michael Kors and Nina Garcia back...although the cheap promo for the "world-famous designer" this week was more than a little vomitorious. To his credit, he didn't look entirely pleased with the setup.

And speaking of world-famous designers, Milla Jovavich seemed to know a good deal more about the trade than her fellow world-famous designers Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson, and Christina Aguilera. I'd actually trust her on a shopping trip to Kohl's.

And speaking of shopping trips to Kohl's, when is Christopher going to be sent back to Shakopee? Not since Vincent have we seen such a lengthy run of really bad work...yet the Turk* always seems to find someone who's even worse. It can't last forever.

*The Turk is, in professional sports, the name given to the anonymous spirit who designates the team member who is to be cut. Of course, in Project Runway, perhaps the appropriate designation is the Bavarian.


  1. Seriously, I'd rather have Pumpkin Head around for one more week if it meant kicking Christopher off. Seriously. At least PH had some skill and imagination. For crying out loud.

  2. Once upon a time, Christopher did, too. But that was long long ago, in a galaxy far far away.